About us

The art of innovation! From idea to full implementation!

The evolution of our products begins with a challenging demand from our clients. They desire a specific analytical technology which is not trivially present in the market. Those requests, on many occasions, turn into a specific custom-built turnkey machine vision or spectroscopic system. In development, the first prototype is always the most difficult. However once succeeded, the next one becomes easier. With a sustainable track record in developing such special products, many systems in the process have become reliable off the shelf products. All the products in our portfolio have gone through this cycle. With a constant drive for improvement, we never stop asking the question, “can we make it better?” If we can, we just make it better. 
MicrOptik has embraced “the art of innovation” to deliver top products to demanding users, all over the world. 

Off the shelf products

Raw material inspection

raw material inspection

Heating and Cooling Stages

Custom built / Turnkey

Automatic Cosmetic defect analyzer in trimmed automotive parts | Lacks Enterprises USA

Particles in bottle inspection system 
INEOS France

Morphious C2S™ (up to 600kg)
High throughput purity scanner

Morphious V2™ | Bean Quality Analyzer System

Contamination analyzer for Granules & Powders with Autoloader System

Detecting and quantifying any irregular shaped Pellets by Machine vision system and  AI | Eval Kuraray Belgium


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